Preprinted Aadhaar

Preprinted Aadhaar Card

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We provide PVC Pre Printed Aadhaar Card to our valuable customer for printing  Aadhaar cards. Thermal PVC Pre Printed Aadhaar Card is directly printed on Zebra and Evolis printers.


Best Quality PVC Preprinted Aadhaar Card

Get Best Quality PVC Preprinted Aadhaar Card 250 pcs / box ; 18 boxes/carton

Note: The unique Identification Authority Of India cautions people to those people who are charging anywhere between 50 to 200 INR for printing above all aadhaar card in the Name of smart card on plastic paper similarly Plastic Aadhaar Card. In other words The downloaded version of aadhaar card on an ordinary paper is however perfectly valid. Therefore, In conclusion, no need to get the PVC type one.

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PRINTING AUTHORITY-Common Service Center (CSC), ID: MH138002899. Show Certificate

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Standard Size/Shape

86 mm x 54 mm x 0.65 mm / Rectangular


1. 100% Waterproof.
2. Double side printing.
3. High glossy with tight and smooth edge PVC card

Pieces per Box/Carton

250 pcs / box ; 18 boxes/carton

Packing Size

50 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm


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