Everything you need to know about the postponed Korean series "Lookism"

The Korean webtoon "Lookism" that has been turned into an anime series is eagerly anticipated since it appears to be going to take the internet by storm.

Park Hyeong-Seok wrote the animation, which has received more than $8.7 billion in global views.

In order to honour those killed in the Itaewon crowd asphyxiation incident, the series was postponed.

The mass destruction that claimed many lives. Lookism will be available on Netflix on 8 December instead of 4 November in remembrance of the tragic loss and in obeisance.

The plot is original in concept yet follows the same pattern as Jekyll and Hyde, just with a different body. The protagonist then realises that he is taller, his attractive self, and in a foreign body. However, the other body is lying there as he drifts from one body to the next, so he must make an effort to avoid it.

It all happens when Lee Tae Sung, who has faced prejudice because of his appearance since childhood, is able to switch into his alter persona. This occurs after he nods off. When he must awaken, he awakens in the alternate body.

He attends Jae High School, where he makes headlines and looks into the origins of his alter ego. He still attends Jae High alongside his alter ego version.

Cast members have not yet been chosen.